The Mollificio Effemme was born in Canelli in 1997 thanks to the ambitions and entrepreneurial skills of the Massimo and Liliana Brusco Brothers, who, with the careful and expert collaboration of the Serafino father, already the founder of another Mollificio, dedicated themselves to Development of a fundamental sector for the economy of the area and of the whole region, then extending the market throughout the national and international territory.

The use of highly technological machinery, combined with the experience and professionalism of the employees, are guarantees of excellent quality and allow the elaboration of accessories both for viticulture and for plant engineering in general. All this makes our business reality, in continuous growth, one of the leaders in the supply of products of the agricultural, oenological and enomechanical sector.
Our company plays a very important role also in the field of household appliances and beverage distributors, in the chemical sector, in the oil industry and in the toy sector.

The Mollificio Effemme, with its equipment, is also able to produce any kind of threaded, bevened and coined.

The machinery Park of the Mollificio Effemme is composed of:

  • Springs former with wire working up to Ø 2 mm;
  • Springs former with wire working up to Ø 3 mm;
  • Multi-slides with working torsion wires up to Ø 5.2 mm and in bends up to Ø 6 mm;
  • Thread bending machine with working up to Ø 6 mm;
  • Folding thread with working up to Ø 12 mm.
  • Max Refflinghaus High speed mechanical bending machine
  • Numaslide 5 mm Higt speed

Accessories for Vineyards, our Oenological/Wine department is able to follow you from the beginning, from the purchase of the assembles to the realization of the complete plant and to the purchase of the equipments for the winery including the design.

We can select for you the best products available on the market:

  • Vineyard Accessories
  • Poles for vineyards and orchards
  • Wire for vineyards, orchards and greenhouses
  • TRUMP Anti Hail system 
  • Vineyard Machines
  • Tube for Ligature
  • Enological Machines Metal wire containers
  • Oak Barrique
  • Cork Caps
  • Sparkling Wine Cage
  • Technical Consultancy for Vineyard

In addition, thanks to our Partners, we provide specialized consultancy in plant engineering:     

  • Design with GPS data
  • Square and staking
  • Manual and mechanical screws laying
  • Laying poles and anchors
  • Drafting of wires, accessories for plant completion
  • Guarantee of the vines ' absorption
  • Vineyard Preparation and management

Consultancy on varial and clone choices, consultancy by foliar analyses on nutritional deficiencies, fertiling plans, Business Planning for the realization of investment projects in viticulture and vineyard management.

We also provide wineries with:

  •  Complete plants for bottling
  • Quality Cork Caps

The philosophy of "Accessories for Vineyards" is to be present in every area of Italy and the world through existing commercial networks such as those of its customers or by means of its distributors.